How Point of Light Network Began

Very early in 2013, a conversation started in Motivation Nation called “60 Seconds of Motivational Mojo.” The whole idea of this conversation was to post a daily motivational or inspirational quote, statement or phrase. As people swarmed to give input of inspiration, another conversation was born called “Beacon of Hope.” It was here that that one day a young woman from Pennsylvania shared a story of heartache she was facing with her employer. She had stated how difficult it was to go to work because her boss was bullying and belittling her. She was at her wits end and asking for advice on how to deal with the situation. It was not long before she was flooded with ideas that she could use to put a stop to all of the problems. Ideas came from around the globe: Australia, Zimbabwe, Canada and the US. She is now in a work environment that is conducive to all parties involved.

Then another member from California shared his story and asked for help and encouragement. He, too, received countless replies of uplifting words and advice that helped him along in his journey. Then it happened that one of the members of “Beacon of Hope” shared a gut wrenching, heartfelt story of a situation that his wife had and was still dealing with. One that left many in the conversation struggling to find the words that could help; to give encouragement that could heal the heart and strengthen the soul. Days had turned into weeks and the story just kept coming, and with it more and more encouragement. Then the group heard that his wife had heeded some of the advice and found a new outlook on her future.

It was during this time that the member sharing this story commented on how nice it would be to get everyone together for a motivational and inspirational party, since they had all contributed to the cause. The party idea bounced around for a week or so until one day two of the members stated, “Lets make it a weekend of inspiration and motivation.  No! Lets make it a weekend retreat where we can share it with the world.” Thus, the Point of Light Network was born with the idea that we would help spread inspiration, motivation and empowerment around the world. Lighting the world one candle at a time. When one person opens up, is honest, and shares where he or she really is, others can open up, be honest, share where they have been. Then together, openly and honestly, it is possible to see the way. The point of light, the light at the end of the tunnel, the rainbow at the end of the storm.